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How to find my GIfs

A few months back I signed myself up for a giphy account and started uploading all these cool Gifs that you all have been frequently asking about Or that I was constantly looking for yet didn't feel they had that handlettered feel to share on my stories.

Sooooooooo I started designing and creating them myself!

The GIFs i'm creating and uploading are usually related to a mood, a theme, a thought, the weather and many other inspirations.

I frequently get asked how you can all find my GIFS so i'm going to list them below in a few simple steps:

  • go to your stories

  • add a photo or video

  • then click the square with the smiley face in it

  • go to GIF

  • type HandLetteredbylama

  • then add another search word specific to the GIF you are looking for (coffee, cold, snow, leaf, November, etc)

  • click on the GIF of choice

  • et voila you got yourself the gif

You can also check out the story archives dedicated to my GIFs to see the step by step process and to stay updated on any new GIFs I've uploaded.


On another note, did you know I offer the service of designing and creating your own unique GIFs and stickers?

Just send me an email to know more!

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